Corporate Philosophy and Vision

We ‘Protect the Only One and Precious Earth’.

Corporate Philosophy

  • 1.Our mission is to contribute to a safety, security, and health for the people in the world.
  • 2.We always challenge new things with active, vital, and courageous manner.
  • 3.Our direction for conduct is to do activities with sincerity, respect, and kindness.
Corporate Vision

  • 1.For the Customer

    To be an excellent company that makes people in R&D realize their dream and dedicates our technology, quality, and reliability for the development of science.

  • 2.For the Earth

    To be the No. 1 company that recognizes the importance of environmental protection to sustain the green earth filled with clean air and water.

  • 3.For the Employee

    To respect employee’s happiness and create a rewarding and lively workplace.