Environmental Testing Apparatus for Dust

The DTS-11 testing apparatus has been designed to provide and circulate standard particles of controlled concentration to the chamber. The main application it is used for is endurance testing for electronic devices (Disks, players, PC parts, etc.). Testing the load of particles on an instrument is a method used worldwide for endurance testing.

Dust Feeder DF-3

The DF-3 is a small dust generator featuring a turn table method. The DF-3 is easy to use and is able to generate dust for use in safety performance tests(animal inhalation testing) of pharmaceutical supplies and environmental testing devices of dust.

AP-632TL / TM / TH

The light scattering-based detector is designed as a dust concentration indicator for applications such as atmospheric monitoring and other concentration measurements, for measuring the effectiveness of filters and other dust removal devices, for controlling concentration levels in dust exposure and animal inhalation tests, and for evaluating the performance of ventilation and air purification equipment.
It is intended for use in combination with various display devices and data processing equipment.