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Digital Dust Indicator

●Portable dust indicator intended for measuring the dust exposure to individuals.
●Measurement data can be imported to a computer using special communications software (operating system:Windows 7, 8.1, 10).
●It can also measure dust concentration and mass concentration simultaneously.
※Optional function separately available (External intake unit required).



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Personal Mini Pump

●The PMP-001 is a lightweight, portable air sampling pump equipped with a constant flowrate functionality.
●It is especially for intake in the low flowrate range.
●It can also be used for personal exposure measurements.
●It can be used as a suction pump for a variety of detector tubes.


LD-5R Digital Dust Indicator
LD-5R PM2.5 Digital Dust

LD-5R Digital Dust Indicator

Compact handheld dust indicator
Performs real time measurement of suspended particle matter (SPM) in indoor spaces, public spaces and for industrial health purposes

LD-5R PM2.5 Digital Dust Indicator

LD-5R digital dust indicator equipped with a PM2.5 cyclone particle size selector Portable and performs simplified measurement of PM2.5 concentrations on a real time basis

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Digital Orifice Flow Meter, for Air Samplers

OFD-1 makes it possible for you to calibrate HV-series easily and quickly on a digital display. This is on-site flow rate calibrator for HV-air sampler HV-500R/-500F/RW/-700R/-700F/-1000F/-1000R.


High Concentration Digital Dust Indicator

The LD-5D is an aerosol photometer designed to read relative mass concentration of aerosol in high concentration. It is designed to read mg/m3 directly, however it should be remembered that the calibration is strictly valid for the calibration particle.


Real-time Dust Monitor

The FLD-1, Real-time Dust Monitor, is a measuring instrument using light scattering method. It has Digital Dust Indicator inside the cabinet continuously sampling of particles at outdoor locations.


Low Volume Air Sampler

The LV-40BW is poratble low volume air sampling pump designed for measurement of particle matter in industrial hygiene and measurement in ambient air. It is portable and supports both AC and DC power supplies.

Low Volume Air Sampler for PM 2.5
LV-250R The LV-250R is a PM2.5 sampler. It is capable of mass concentration measurements of particulate matter (PM2.5) using a filter, based on the interim measurement manual designated by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. With this sampler, airborne particulates in environmental air are sucked in at a constant flow rate via a suction port.  pdf

High Volume Air Sampler, Portable Type

The HV-500R is a compact and transportable sampler for Industrial hygiene built to sample at a suction flow rate of 100 to 800L/min. It has various features and has many attachments for various uses.


High Volume Air Sampler, Dust/Dioxin

The HV-RW is samplers intended for outdoor use. High-accuracy flow rate control is provided by a differential pressure detection system. Reductions in suction flow rate due to increased dust collection are minimized thanks to a constant flow rate function.


Durable Mini Pump

A small air sampling pump driven by dry batteries must have high suction pressure and stable flow rate, and be used for many hours and light for outdoor handling. This long seller Sampling Mini-Pump MP-2N is adaptable to these demands.


Sampling Pump

A small air sampling pump driven by dry batteries must have high suction pressure and stable flow rate, and be used for many hours and light for outdoor handling. This long seller Sampling Mini-Pump MP-ΣNII is adaptable to these demands.


Stand Sampler, for Liquid sampling

This device collects harmful particulate and liquid and/or gaseous substances found in the work environment. and is operated using the Mini pump from SIBATA.


Asbestos Dust Stand Sampler

Recently fine particles of asbestos were found to be cancerous. The APS-7 is a sampler that can evaluate asbestos workshop environments. It is based on the Asbestos Association method, and is operated using the Mini pump from SIBATA.


Filter Holder
Filter Holder

We have various type of filter holder for air sampling.



Fiber Monitor

The SIBATA Fiber Monitor, Model F-1K, is as an asbestos monitor which measures relative fiber concentration. It detects only fiber particles. Sampling air flows into the body and pass through the screening section and sampling filter.


Silica gel tube in which DNPH is coated for gas sampling.



Charcoal & Silica Gel Tubes

This product consists of a glass tube filled with cleaned activated carbon collected in two layers, and sealed. It is widely used for personal samplers, because of the high collection rate for many nonpolarsolvents.
Moreover, thanks to a two-layer system, it is possible to judge the breakthrough amount at the time of measurement.
This product conforms to the standards of workingenvironment measurement and NIOSH.
The glass tube has been subjected to precutting processing to make it easy to snap.

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Test Paper for General Bacteria/Coliform Group
Test Paper

This test paper for Coliform Group and General Bacteria are treated with special reagents, and used to test water, milk, fresh and frozen foods.


Chlorine Comparator for Free Chlorine in Water
DPD Method

Used for the determination of free chlorine in drinking or swimming pool water.The procedure is very simple and quick.


Handy Water Meter

When something is accessible, it is uncomplicated and easy to use. How should a water quality measurement device operate and work. The AQUAB is one of SIBATA’s solutions.





Acid Value Tester
Acid Value Tester ●By using Acid Test Paper, you can check the acid value which indicates the deterioration of deep-fried oil easily at site.

●Test result is indicated at 3 levels as 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 without interference of color of oil.

●Changing oil frequently is safe, but costly. You can decide the right time to change the oil by Acid Test paper.


Mask Fitting Tester

The MT-05U is a portable tester for testing the mask fitness to the face. The leak rate is obtained by counting the number of larger particles that pore size of the mask’s filter in the inside and outside of the mask, respectively.



Low Volume Air Samplers, Model SL-30N

This device collects harmful particulate and liquid and/or gaseous substances found in the work environment. and is operated using the Mini pump from SIBATA.


Sampling Pump


The MP-W5P Minipump is a portable air sampling pump equipped with functionality for measuring accumulated flowrates and constant flowrates. Its small, lightweight design is suitable for personal exposure measurements.
Due to the fact that the flowrate can be set in a wide range from 0.05 L/min to 5.00 L/min, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes such as air sampling in each of occupational health, indoor and atmospheric environments.


FC-L1_M1Standard Flowmeter for Sampling Pumps


Dry flowmeters based on differential pressure sensors facilitating operation and maintenance.Transportable to measurement sites as they are compact and lightweight.Equipped with automatic flow rate correction functions.(0°C at 1 atm, 20°C at 1 atm, 25°C at 1 atm and actual flow volume) Capable of issuing traceability certificates.Measuring ranges:FC-L1: 5 to 40 L/min.FC-M1: 0.05 to 5 L/min.


cas02Cryogenic Air Sampler


The Cryogenic Air Sampler (Model CAS-02) is a device to collect both gases of high/low boiling points and particle matters in the air simultaneously. It is also designed with a new concept to effectively sample Fluorinated organic toxic substances (such as PFOS, which sets the limitation of collection rate by the conventional methods) and light/temperature sensitive Brominated flame retardant (such as PBDEs) at the same time.


IMG_4499-2BAM Filter Paper


BAM Filter Paper FT-20B is a roll type glass fiber filter secially designed for BAM (Beta-ray Attenuation Monitoring) insturments. Its length of 21m + 2m is designed to last 60days. BAM Filter Paper FT-20B is reliable and has been used for beta-ray attenuation monitoring for over 30 years around the world.

Smoke Tester Set
Smoke Tubes for the Smoke Tester
Compressing the rubber bulb pump of the smoke tester at a certain interval releases white smoke
from the smoke tube. As the smoke flows along with the air flow, the tester is suitable to check the
draft and ventilation in mines, buildings, and vehicles.
The glass tube of the smoke tester is filled with a smoke generator impregnated with stannic
chloride. When stannic chloride contacts the air delivered by the rubber bulb pump, it reacts with
moisture in the air and generates white smoke which is released from the smoke tube along with
air. Note that this white smoke contains a small amount of hydrogen chloride.