Digital Dust Indicatores, Model LD-5R

The LD-5R digital dust indicator is a relative concentration meter based on the light scattering method.
It measures the dust level in less time than the filtrated collection method. Due to its characteristics,
the relative concentration may be converted into mass concentration with the use of the coefficient of conversion into mass concentration (K factor) calculated on the basis of the filtrated collection method.
The LD-5R PM2.5 digital dust indicator is a combination of the LD-5R with a PM2.5 cyclone particle size selector to perform the simplified measurement of PM2.5 concentrations.

The Mask Fitting Tester (How to leak test for the mask)

The Mask Fitting Tester is a tester that checks the fitness of a dust mask (disposable or exchangeable) developed with the guidance of The Institute for Science of Labor. The test may be done indoors in a normal.

High Volume Air Sampler

The HV-1000R and 700R are samplers intended for outdoor use. These products sample suspended dust in the open face, and provide quantitative analysis of dust concentration and composition. High-accuracy flow rate control is provided by a differential pressure detection system, and instantaneous and cumulative flow rate values are displayed digitally. Reductions in suction flow rate due to increased dust collection are minimized thanks to a constant flow rate function. This product can be used to collect airborne dust by attaching the through pipe. Similarlsy, it can also be used to collect dioxins by attaching the shuttle tube (tube for polyurethane foam attachment). It is capable of stable, high flow rate sampling, and so can be used under a wide range of conditions as an airborne toxic substance sampler.

Digital Orifice Flow meter, for HV Air Samplers, Model OFD-1

Flow rate of the high volume (HV) air sampler is calibrated with a root meter. The root meter is a setting type, accordingly, flow rate calibration is difficult at the measurement site. The digital orifice flow meter Model OFD-1 is an on-site use flow rate calibrator of the measurement site for HV air sampler series.
This is a sensor type instead of the conventional glass U shape pipe. An atmospheric pressure gauge and a thermometer are integrated in a device, so that there is no need to convert a measuring value at a customer side. Numerical value on a display is automatically used for calibration with HV-R series becomes possible at measuring sites.

AV Testing Paper

The AV Test Paper is the product to measure acid value (AV) simply by comparing colors, and to determine the oil spoilage. The AV is one measure of spoilage oil.

Glass Tube Oven with Glove box

A glass tube oven is “small capacity vacuum heating equipment” in which high-boiling compounds or small capacity samples can be evaporated, consentrated, dried, or sublimated while heated under a reduced pressure. Because the heating part is made of a glass tube, samples inside can observed. Glass tube ovens are sometimes called Kugel-rohr(German, Kugel(sphere)+Rohr(tube)).