Environmental Protection

Four approaches, focusing on “Environmental Protection”

Under the broad concept of “environmental protection”, we deploy four independent but interrelated businesses. The first is the “environmental measurement equipment business”, providing measurement equipment which constitutes the base of environmental protection activities. The second is the “scientific equipment business”, providing tools for analysis and research of measured data. The third is the “engineering business”, providing research environments. The fourth is the “laboratory glass business”, providing environmentally friendly materials. SIBATA SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY contributes to a wide range of environmental protection all over the globe through these four businesses.

Environmental Measurement Equipment Business

While our life has grown convenient and affluent, is the natural environment rich? Regional pollution, wide-area pollution and global environmental pollution of ‘air,’ ‘water’ and ‘soil’ continue to expand. We provide environmental measurement equipment such as dust monitors and water quality measurement instruments and measurement equipment in the field of ‘environmental measurement’ for carrying out precise activities to protect nature in the air, mountains, rivers, seas and all of the living environment. Technologies and products of SIBATA SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY enrich a wide range of fields.

Scientific Equipment Business

Human beings have been making efforts to improve convenience, while developing science. On the other hand, it is a reality that people have been destroying the global environment by contaminants emitted through chemical experiments, etc. SIBATA SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY dedicates itself by supplying scientific equipment and devices, controlling devices and analysis devices, that check such environmental pollution and contribute to the ideal development of science technologies.

Engineering Businesss

Can you believe that there exists a 500L glass ‘round-bottom flask’? The diameter of the flask is as long as 1m. The Company’s ‘Chemical Plant Department’ carries on design and installation of plants for research and development and production as well, including large distilling devices and reaction devices, using these glasses and metals. The Counpany’s ‘Environmental Engineering Depertment’ provides animal experiment devices crucial to medical research and durability testing devices in the natural environment and special environment. Our wide experience and deep knowledge contribute to activities in various fields.

Laboratory Glass Business

Our chemical analysis glassware and glass volumeters are essential tools for researchers and engineers who actively work across a range of fields including general testing, basic research, applied research, quality control and manufacturing control. In order to respond to the strict demands of customers, without compromise, professional staff having advanced technologies and knowledge strive for quality improvement.