1921October    Established Sibata Seisakusho and started manufacturing of
laboratory glassware.
1929May Started manufacturing of glass analyzer for petrochemical industry.
1933AprilSibata Hiromu Seisakusho succeeded in development of glass filters
and started sales.
1940AugustBuilt one glass crucible furnace to start glass melting research.
1941MarchSibata Hiromu Seisakusho started mass production of various distilling
equipment and high precision glass filters, etc.
1947MarchStarted manufacturing of Hiromu brand beakers, flasks, petri dishes
and coolers.
1947OctoberStarted manufacturing of glass volumeters such as volumetric flasks,
burettes and pipets.
1951MayStarted manufacturing of official type filter paper dust samplers, the first step in the field of occupational health.
1955June‘HARIO glass’ tank furnace with JIS First-Class hard glass was
completed for the first time in Japan.
1956JanuaryAuthorized for indication of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) by the
Minister of International Trade and Industry. Authorization No. 4502
1957April‘Rotary Evaporator, Model A’ was completed, and manufacturing and
Sales started for the first time in the industry.
1962MarchDeveloped light scattering type digital dust indicator and entered into
the field of working environments.
1962OctoberSibata Sony Glass Co., LTD. was established through contributions of
Sibata Chemical APP. MFG. Co., LTD., Sibata Hario Glass Co., LTD. and
Sony Corporation and started manufacturing of CRTs for micro TVs
and valves of measurement pipes.
1968NovemberEntered into an exclusive sales agreement on industrial glass plant
devices with Schott of Germany.
1971SeptemberStarted sales of indoor environmental measurement equipment (for
building management) under the enforcement of the Building
Management Act by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Established Interss Taiwan Limited in Kaohsiung Gaoxiong, Taiwan and
started local manufacturing of glass volumeters.
1977FebruaryAt the Invention Grand Prix Contest in 1976, our product, ‘precision
fine differential pressure gauge’ was awarded Invention Merit Prize.
1979OctoberEntered into a manufacturing and sales agreement with Büchi of
Switzerland and started manufacturing and distribution of Rotary
Evaporators of Büchi.
1980JanuaryManufacturing and sales of mask fitting test equipment for nuclear
power plants.
1985JanuaryEntered into an exclusive sales agreement with Metrohm of
Switzerland on distribution of Metrohm products in Japan.
1986AprilSucceeded in receiving an order for a large project for Southeast Asia.
1986JulyShipped glass manufacturing plant for glassware in China.
1989JanuarySoka Factory became authorized JIS certified factory (JIS R3503)
1990DecemberDelivered the world’s largest glass sand clock to Nima-cho, Shimane
1993JanuaryEstablished Metrohm Sibata Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Metrohme
of Switzerland.
1994FebruarySucceeded in receiving an order for a large environmental project, Japan-China Environmental Center (Beijing).
1995DecemberAcquired ISO9001 certification, a global quality standard
1996AprilInterss Taiwan Limited (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) became authorized JIS
certified factory (JIS R3505)
1997FebruaryDelivered Inhalation Testing Equipment to Korean Occupational Safety
and Health Agency.
1997DecemberAcquired ISO14001 certification, a global environmental standard.
1998OctoberReleased new model dioxin sampler (HV-1000F) on market.
2000FebruaryEntered into a technical agreement on environmental measurement
equipment with Met One Instruments of USA.
2000DecemberAcquired OHSAS18001 certification, a global occupational safety and
health standard.
2001JulyEstablished Nihon Buchi K.K., a joint venture with Büchi of
2003JanuaryStarted ‘Customer Support Center’ (toll-free) as a contact for technical
support to customers.
2003AprilDesigned and constructed an hourly timekeeping sand clock installed
at Japan Railway Osaka Station.
2004JanuaryJointly developed yellow sand dust observation rider with
Incorporated Administrative Agency, National Institute for
Environmental Studies and Installed in Toyama Prefecture.
2004MarchDelivered to Incorporated Administrative Agency, National Institute for Environmental Studies ‘Seabed Simulation System’ which investigates
the impact of chemical substances, including environmental hormones, etc.
2005MarchDelivered small animal nanoparticles exposure system to Incorporated Administrative Agency, National Institute for Environmental Studies.
2005NovemberReleased new model of Asbestos sampler (AIP-105) on market.
2007JulyDeveloped fiber monitor for asbestos measurement
(Model F-1, FS-1) and started sales.
2007DecemberInterss Taiwan Limited acquired new JIS Mark certification for glass
volumeters (JIS R3505).
2008FebruaryKyowa Tech Inc. acquired JIS Mark indication certificate for glassware for chemical analysis (JIR R3503).
2009JanuaryEstablished Metrohm Japan Co., Ltd. by Joint investment of Metrohm
Co., Ltd.
2009JuneMerged with Kyowa Tech Co., Ltd. which became SIBATA SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY LTD. Iida Factory.
2010JanuaryEntered into a distributor agreement with Duran of Germany.
2010MayMoved the Head Office to a newly completed building on the
premises of the Soka Office site.
2011MarchFor those suffered in the Great East Japan Earthquake, made a joint contribution of 5 million yen from employee and company through Japanese Red Cross Society.
2011JulyCompleted Laboratory at the Head Office.
2011NovemberEstablish employee shareholding association.
2012AugustInterss Taiwan Limited acquired ISO9001 certification.
2014FebruaryMade an equity participation in Protects who is in detection business of the norovirus.
2014MarchEstablished SIBATA USA INCORPORATED in Atlanta, Georgia
2014MayEstablish Sibata Scientific Technology Holding Limited in Ikenohata,
Daito-ku, Tokyo
2014SeptemberRecognized P-1 Digital Dust Indicator as Legacy Analytical &amop; Scientific Instrument.
2015JanuaryChanged host computer system from NTT NewRRR to Nittetsu-Hitachi
GRANDIT system.
2015FebruaryIntroduced executive officer system.
2016JanuaryMade a company trip to Taiwan with all employees for 3 nights/4 days and
visited Interss Taiwan Limited as a 95 year’s anniversary event.